Project Encephalon: A Phe-neuro-menal Journey


Project Encephalon (PE) is an international community and a non-profit based in India, that aims to create an online platform for neuroscience enthusiasts to discuss and learn neuroscience.

We aid students to get exposed to the myriads of realms in this interdisciplinary field, inspiring a holistic approach to brain sciences and allied disciplines and motivating them to become future leaders. We began our journey with a simple ‘Hi’ in the chatbox of the 'Monsoon Brain Meet', and today that gesture has turned into a global venture with 1000+ members representing 40 countries in less than 1 year amidst the pandemic.


Although we comprise individuals from the broad expanse of neuroscience and allied fields like psychology, psychiatry, neurology, bioinformatics, engineering, and computer science, the one synapse that connects us all is our passion to learn about different facets of neuroscience. This multitude of backgrounds propel us to explore topics from a wide range of perspectives and as a result, boosts our understanding of Neuroscience. We host a diverse member base, including high schoolers, undergraduates, graduates, and early career researchers, in addition to a plethora of other professions. We aim to develop an organization that is accessible to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic background. As a result, we do not charge any membership fee, and all our endeavors are free of cost! To enhance unity and ensure a safe space among all nationalities, religions, sexualities, gender identities and expressions, races, castes, ethnicities, and economic and academic backgrounds, we abide by a strict code of conduct and a comprehensive constitution.

Our Work

Journal Club

To promote the academic endeavors of its members, we conduct monthly Journal Clubs, where amateurs and experts from all over the world deliver talks about their research or present peer-reviewed research articles. We have successfully completed eight Journal Clubs and aim to draw more such informative discussions from the confines of a lab and provide a globally inclusive platform for disseminating neuroscientific knowledge. We have even introduced Spotlight Journal Club which is a tri-monthly event where renowned researchers from different disciplines of neuroscience are invited to present a talk and, in the process, inspire the new generation to make it big in the field.

Paper Club