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Join Project Encephalon's 1000+ members, volunteers, mentors, and partners who are committed to creating a world where knowledge is not bound by the chains of socio-economic status or any other impediment but is freely available for those who cast around for it.


Project Encephalon boasts of 1000+ members. There are currently three types of memberships. 


Members are mainly the students. They are the main beneficiaries of our activities, whether it is Journal Club, Paper Club, or any other activity. They are also invited to join our discord community.

Collaborators are senior academicians, faculty, post-docs, scientists, entrepreneurs, and volunteers willing to mentor students. Members of our Scientific Advisory Committee are chosen from collaborators.


Honorary Membership is the status conferred on those members who have contributed significantly to the advancement in the field of  Project Encephalon. 

Honorary Member


Project Encephalon is currently being run by 60+ volunteers who work in departments like International Affairs, Internal Affairs, Marketing, Technical Affairs, Human Resources, External Affairs, Editorial Department, Administrative Office, and Design Department. Apply to participate actively and make a change!


Organizations, influencers, and neuroscience firms are invited to partner with the Project Encephalon and are welcomed to engage with us and develop the passion of neuroscience among all the interested enthusiasts. For the sake of our common mission, we are always looking for new partners. You can mail our chief external affairs officer along with a brief statement of your goals, mission, objectives and current activities. 

Share your experience!

Share your stories and anecdotes about being a member of the Project Encephalon community. Tell us about what you like the most about our initiatives. We encourage your experience using #ProjectEncephalon on-

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