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About the event

The Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Project Encephalon's Brain Awareness Week (PEBAW) will explore various aspects of neuroscience to learn about how awesome the brain is! There will be talks, competitions, and career mentorship sessions to increase the awareness of neuroscience in everyday life. Join us in September (18th,19th, 25th, 26th) to learn more about the brain together!

*Registrations are free of cost


Register now!

Please fill up the registration form by clicking on the button below and registering for Project Encephalon Brain Awareness Week. This is to make sure you receive invites and updates for our events in time.

Nominate a

Please fill this form to nominate a school for us to invite them to our Brain Awareness Week celebrations. A lot of schools don't have neuroscience in their curriculum, so we are trying to bring neuroscience to their schools!

*Volunteer applications have been closed


Become a mentor

Mentors are the most important people in one's life. They inspire, educate and help us dream. Sign up to be a Mentor for the attendees of Project Encephalon Brain Awareness Week. Anyone who has done research or outreach, or worked in the industry - related to neuroscience is eligible to apply.

*Mentor applications have been closed


Become a Volunteer

Join the team of volunteers organising Brain Awareness Week at Project Encephalon, to spread the love for neuroscience! We have limited positions on the teams, so we encourage you to fill the form at the earliest.

Become a Volunteer >

*Volunteer applications have been closed



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