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Project Encephalon being a non-profit is entirely run by enthusiastic, dedicated, skilled, and brilliant volunteers. The volunteers are the most valued asset of Project Encephalon. The volunteers work in nine departments and in one president's office. Applications are invited year long and all available positions are posted here. To apply, it is necessary to be a member of Project Encephalon. To become a member go to Join us. Common skills that are usually possessed by the individuals working in different departments are also mentioned. Please note that these skills are not exhaustive and everyone with variable relevant skills is always welcome to apply or send a query to the admin office. Details on protocols of volunteer management can be found in the constitution. Project Encephalon is a signatory of the Alba declaration and is committed to the principles of equality and inclusivity. We are currently developing more robust policies to develop healthy work culture.

Technical Affairs

The technical team ensures that all the technical platforms of Project Encephalon are working properly. It also provides logistics support whenever required. 


Skills-  Website development, computer languages, SEO


The editorial team is tasked with the content curation with respect to Project Encephalon on all platforms maintained by us.

Skills- Command on the English language, academically sound, writing skills


The design team provides auxiliary support to all other departments and prepares all the posters, illustrations, designs, etc. required by them.

Skills- Adobe Illustrator/Canva/Photoshop, innovative, creative, Animation, Video editing

Human Resources

This department manages the members, Scientific Advisory Committee, and Code of Conduct Committee. It also takes care of well being of all the volunteers in the team. 

Skills- Communication skills, organizing skills, people skills

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs is tasked with managing all the activities of Project Encephalon like Journal Club, Paper Club, NeuroPiction, etc.

Skills- Innovation, dedication, committed, academically sound

External Affairs

This department ensures proper, adequate, and meaningful association with all the partners of Project Encephalon.



Skills- Communication skills, negotiation skills

International Affairs

International Affairs is tasked with laying a foundation stone for the active membership of Project Encephalon in different countries of the world.

Skills- Outstanding communication skills, organizing


The marketing department maintains an adequate social media presence of Project Encephalon and helps in spreading our goal all over the world.

Skills- Social Media, marketing strategy, customer knowledge, analytics

Administrative Office

It maintains all our official documents, take care of meetings, issue memorandums and takes care of administrating the PE team. 


Skills- People skills, management skills

Feel free to mail us at to inquire about positions. 

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