Project Encephalon (PE) is an international, trainee-led non-profit, organisation for neuroscience enthusiasts and conducts various academic and non-academic neuroscience-related activities while accounting for the interdisciplinary needs of the field PE began as a club of fewer than 50 individuals on a messaging platform from the attendance of Monsoon Brain Meeting as SIGN. It was later rebranded as 'Project Encephalon' to reflect it's evolution into an all-encompassing, global organization and to match with the remarkable rise in its popularity.  PE, even though comprises individuals from the vast arena of neuroscience and allied fields like psychology, psychiatry, neurology, bioinformatics, engineering, computer science, etc, the one synapse that connects us all, is our passion to learn the different aspects of neuroscience. The fact that we come from a multitude of backgrounds propels us to explore topics from a wide range of perspectives and as a result, boosts our understanding of Neuroscience. PE aims to develop a vibrant and inclusive community for anyone with an interest in neuroscience, where they can reap all the benefits this organization offers, despite their socioeconomic background and as a result, there are no fees to join the organization and all the activities conducted by PE are available without any price. To enhance the diversity among all nationalities, religions, sexualities, genders, races, ethnicities, PE community abides by the strict code of conduct and proceeds according to a predefined constitution. 



PE runs a discord channel for all its members where they can interact with each other and discuss various aspects of neuroscience. Become a member to join the forum. 

PE  encourages its members to participate in creative aspects of neuroscience like neuroart, neurofashion, neurofiction, etc as evident from PE's NeuroPiction Series.


To promote academic endeavours of its members PE conducts core neuroscience activities like Journal Club and recently inducted Paper Club.



To create a vibrant community of neuroscience enthusiasts

irrespective of their background and connect them all.

To support the endeavors of all, high schoolers, undergraduates, graduates and early career researchers.


To provide not only academic and research opportunities but also provide a platform to nourish creativity.

To encourage and support budding researchers and leaders in the field of neuroscience and allied subjects.