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NeuroNotes is a new blog initiative brought to you by Project Encephalon, that aims to create awareness on neuroscientific research writing by accepting and publishing submissions in all allied arenas of the field. The aim is to provide readers with a holistic perspective on neuroscience as well as give an opportunity to understand how peer review may work to help finesse the writing skills of many novice scientific communicators. Through this, PE would like to reach out to passionate neuroscience enthusiasts to explore the world of brain sciences in a captivating and scientifically correct manner. For queries contact us at:,


Guidelines for NeuroNotes Blog


  1. The length of your write-up should not be more than 1,000 words. 

  2. The theme of the submission should be neuroscience or neuroscience-related fields only. 

  3. Explain technical/academic jargon wherever you mention them, clearly. It is encouraged to write in an engaging and conversational tone. 

  4. All information mentioned in the submission must be factually correct, accurate, and up-to-date. If any information has changed during or after the submission process, contact the editors for access to change the same.

  5. The references should be provided with inline citations. You can use this tool to ensure proper referencing style for the bibliography. 

  6. You can submit using this Email ID: Please be ready with the following while emailing the submission: 

  • 100 characters bio of the author. 

  • Your submission in an MS Word Document format (with full name and credentials mentioned in the document itself) 

  • 100-150 word abstract/summary of your article.

  • Your photograph (optional).

  • Images/Graphs to be published along with the article. Make sure you have permission to share and publish them (optional).

  • Social media accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook) of the author (optional).

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