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The Quest: Ask SAC!

Through 'Ask SAC' sessions we aim to bridge the gap between the members of our Scientific Advisory Committee, and our member community. Every month we would be featuring one member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) as the mentor of the month, and the members would have a chance to interact with the SAC, ask questions about their journey in neuroscience, their research interests, career advice, and almost all things pertaining to Neuroscience relevant to the mentor. To receive regular notifications about these sessions, join us here.


Submit questions by: 9 January 2022

Bhavana Muralidharan


Dr. Bhavana Muralidharan, an Assistant investigator at the Brain development and Disease mechanisms theme at inStem, Bangalore works on epigenetic regulation of nervous system development in health and disease. Currently, as a Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance intermediate career fellow, her work explores the role of chromatin regulation in building the neural network and how its misregulation could lead to neurodevelopmental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. listen to podcast

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-24 at 23.09.39.jpeg

Recording: Sat, 24 July 2021 | 6:00 PM IST

Samit Chakrabarty


Dr. Samit Chakrabarty is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Neuroscience at the School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds, United Kingdom. He works towards the restoration of spinal motor function after injury or in debilitating developmental neurodegenerative diseases. The questions asked by our community members on various platforms will be taken up by our guests in the podcast. Listen here.

Sat, 24 April 2021 | 6:00 PM IST

Ritwika Roy


After completing her MSc in Neuroscience from The University of Manchester, UK her Bachelors in Microbiology & Biochemistry from St Xavier's College, Mumbai & a professional stint at Pfizer, Ritwika joined Reservoir to make a difference in the field of neurology. She’s an active mental health advocate and addresses stigma through articles, discussions, & workshops. At Reservoir, Ritwika develops creative strategies to assist the neurodiverse community and facilitate better health support functions.

Ask SAC_Ritwika Roy.jpeg
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