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A Project Encephalon Event

"Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain."



Santiago Ramón y Cajal was the first person of Spanish origin to win a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his contributions to neuroscience. Growing up he wished to become an artist, the passion for drawing, his sensitivity to visual aesthetics, and his talent in converting visual images into drawings remained the hallmarks of his future scientific activity in the hundreds of his drawings illustrating the arborizations of brain cells which are in use to this day.  He is known as a pioneer of modern neuroscience for his original investigations on the microscopic structure of the brain. His remarkable contributions to neuroanatomy and his meticulous drawings are a defining fixture in the field of neuroscience. Besides being a neuroscientist, he was a gifted neuroanatomist and a brilliant physician, 

Santiago Ramon y Cajal is not just a name, it's a spirit. It's the ethos of modern neuroscientific research that reinstates the importance of creativity, perseverance and imagination in understanding and realising the limitless potential of Neurosciences. We at Project Encephalon, resonate thoroughly with these ideals and wish to cherish the same. Hence, on the august occasion of Cajal's 169th birth anniversary, we are organising Cajal Week. It is a week-long celebration of invited talks from renowned speakers all over the world and a panel discussion on the importance of translational neuroscience. Come join us in paying a fitting tribute to the 'Father of Modern Neurosciences', and enjoy a week filled with enriching and engaging sessions.


"As long as our brain is a mystery, the universe, the reflection of the structure of the brain will also be a mystery"


Confirmed Speakers:

  • Prof. Carmen Sandi, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne 

  • Dr. Leah A. Krubitzer, University of California Davis

  • Dr. Lisa Stowers, Scripps Institute

  • Dr. Claude Desplan, New York University

  • Dr. Nicole Rust, University of Pennsylvania

  • Dr. Aixa V. Morales, Cajal Institute

  • Dr. Sean O'Donnell, Drexel University




Bench to bedside: Bridging the gap in neuroscience

This panel discussion aims to generate meaningful dialogue between emerging leaders in basic and clinical neuroscience. It promises to talk about the ground realities and what acts as a hindrance in people to people connection in the field. It aims to advocate for policy change that will revolutionize the field of neuroscience, allowing neuroscientists to collaborate with clinicians wherein the new research can be made available for public use.


  • Dr. Manjari Tripathi, Professor, Department of Neurology, AIIMS, Delhi

  • Dr. Urvakhsh Mehta‬, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, NIMHANS

  • Dr. Bhavana Muralidharan, Principal Investigator/Group leader, inStem

  • Dr. Nivethida Thirugnanasambandam, DBT/WT India Alliance Faculty Fellow, NBRC

  • Dr. Vasishta Polisetty, Junior Resident, AIIMS, Delhi

  • Annapoorna P K, Ph.D. Candidate, CCMB, Hyderabad

"It is important to realize that if certain areas of science appear to be quite mature, others are in the process of development, and yet others remain to be born."

AGENDA (static)


May, 2021 

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To claim your certificate of participation, fill the following form. Please note that the last date to claim the certificate is 29 May 2021 11:59 IST. E-certificates will be delivered to your registered email id after verifying the information provided by you.


The Cajal Week, like all other initiatives by Project Encephalon, is free to attend. It will be held virtually between 1 May to 7 May. All the members of Project Encephalon are welcomed to join and will automatically receive the invitation to join. If you do not wish to join Project Encephalon, you can attend the event by registering using the following link. 


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