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Project Encephalon (PE) is an international, trainee-led non-profit, organization for neuroscience enthusiasts and conducts various academic and non-academic neuroscience-related activities while accounting for the interdisciplinary needs of the field.



1000+ members from 30+ countries.


8 initiatives and counting.

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1 year of Project Encephalon and counting.


60+ volunteers in 9 departments.


24 July 2021. The Quest: Ask SAC session will be recorded in the form of a podcast. Send questions: members@projectencephalon.org. More

29 July 2021. A new edition of the newsletter will be published by the editorial department of Project Encephalon. More

14 August 2021. Paper Club will be held based on popular papers suggested on our discord server. More

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Project Encephalon Discord Community

Dr. Murty V. P. S. Dinavahi

A much-needed network of budding neuroscientists in India coming from diverse educational backgrounds! I congratulate the group and look forward to successful meetings.


Alish Dipani

Alish Dipani

It is great to be a part of PE where we have people from different backgrounds from all over India sharing knowledge with each other, making the field of Neuroscience even more diverse and inclusive!

Saidharshini Muthiah

Saidharshini Muthiah

PE is a well executed forum to share ideas and have enlightening conversations with similar minds across the globe. It is  like a dream come true!