About us

We are a group of people from diverse backgrounds and different levels of education. We began our journey as Student Interest Group in Neuroscience (SIGN), when a small group of people serendipitously came together on in Meeting. What started with a simple "Hi" has now led to this "Highlight" as a platform, to empower young minds in neuroscience to make it big in this amazing field, in the forthcoming years. 









6 months down, forever to go!

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Our Vision

To create a vibrant community for the students of neuroscience where they can be exposed to the myriads of realms, that encompass the vast expanse of this interdisciplinary field, stimulating them to holistically approach neuroscience. This, we believe, will help student researchers gain knowledge on a wide array of domains, that might prove useful for research in neuroscience.

We currently run a very successful fortnightly journal club, where we invite members of our club to present on a topic of their liking, Sapiens in Neuroscience, an interview series, Paper Club and a lot more.


Dr. Murty V. P. S. Dinavahi

A much-needed network of budding neuroscientists in India coming from diverse educational backgrounds! I congratulate the group and look forward to successful meetings.


Alish Dipani

It is great to be a part of PE where we have people from different backgrounds from all over India sharing knowledge with each other, making the field of Neuroscience even more diverse and inclusive!

Saidharshini Muthiah

PE is a well executed forum to share ideas and have enlightening conversations with similar minds across the globe. It is  like a dream come true!

Our Partners


Organizations, influencers and neuroscience firms are invited to partner with the Project Encephalon and are welcomed to engage with us and develop the passion of neuroscience among all the interested enthusiasts. For the sake of our common mission we are are always looking for new partners. You can mail us here- collaborations@projectencephalon.org along with a brief statement of your goal, mission, objectives and current activities. 

Our Subsidiaries

NeuroNov- Logo.png

Jointly managed by Project Encephalon & Stimulus

NeuroNovember Convention 2020

NeuroNovember is a collaborative youth-led initiative with an aim to delve deeper into the fascinating field of neuroscience by organizing a uniquely curated 4-day NeuroNovember Convention. It's essentially aimed at raising awareness regarding the plethora of diverse branches that neuroscience entails.

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