Terms of Use of Discord

By using any of the services provided by Project Encephalon and/or by joining or visiting the Project Encephalon Discord Server (hereinafter mentioned as the "Discord" or “Server”), users signify their agreement to these Terms of Use of Discord (the "Terms of Service" or "Terms" or “Agreement” or “Terms and Conditions”). Users means everyone who joins or visit Discord Server or use any of the service provided by the server. Singular, plural, capitalization are taken as interchangeable and therefore are referring to the same terminology as mentioned above.  



Acceptance of the Terms

Users must be of legal age or minor who is at least 13 years of age with legal guardian consent to enter into this agreement. If users do not agree to the Terms, then users are not allowed to use any of our Services including joining or visiting the Server. Users can accept the Terms by actually using the Services. Users are not allowed to use this discord server and/or receive services if doing so is prohibited in users’ country or under any law or regulation applicable to users. The Terms of Service is applicable to all users. 


The use of services is at users’ own risk and Project Encephalon is not liable for any damage caused by the use of services. or inability of the use. The services are accessible on 'as is' basis. Project Encephalon does not give warranty of any nature either expressed or implied ​and thus disclaims and negates all other warranties, including but not limited to warranty of copyright infringement. Project Encephalon does not ensure reliability or accuracy or endorse of any of the content mentioned in the Discord or conveyed via Discord or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to the Discord.  Subsidiaries, Partners and Supporters, or any other third party as mentioned or announced in Discord are different legal entities and Project Encephalon does not take responsibility of any their actions including but not limited to the services provided by them, and is not liable for them, neither endorse them in any manner. Project Encephalon does not take warranty of any of the user, or any of their actions, posts, comments, recommendations and advice. Futhermore, Project Encephalon does not provide any sort of medical or scientific advice. Project Encephalon is not liable for the consequences arises from the use of any of the services provided by the Discord.

Use License

Project Encephalon own the intellectual property rights for the Project Encephalon’s logo, media with proprietary marks as made available in the Discord  Server. All rights are reserved. Users may access this from the Server for user’s own personal use provided user’s abide by restrictions set in these terms and conditions. This license only grants temporary provisions of viewing the contents of Server and does not transfer title.

  1. The content of this Server is available only for personal, non-commercial viewing.

  2. Users are not allowed to modify or translate or share or make a copy of any of the content, in any form, printed or electronic or written or verbal, except,

    1. Users are granted temporary permission to make only one printable copy of the constitution for personal, non-commercial viewing of contents for transitory period only.

  3. Users are prohibited to make mirror of the content on any server.

  4. Users are not allowed to share the logo of the Discord or any artwork as present of the Discord in any form or create derivatives of it.

  5. Users are prohibited to share the link of Discord to anyone in any form.

Project Encephalon does not endorse or support any comment, any media or any link posted in any channel of the Server by anyone and Project Encephalon disclaims any and all liability connected with such posts. Project Encephalon reserves the right to remove anything posted by any user at any time, without any cause or prior notification, at it’s sole discretion.

By positing on the Server, Users give Project Encephalon irrevocable, non-exclusive right to reproduce, modify, republish, share, rebrand, perform and market upon it, on any platform that exist or might exit, without any obligation to users whatsoever.


Users agree to waive any legal or equitable rights and they will not hold Project Encephalon responsible or seek any remedy and indemnify Project Encephalon and their authorized representatives against any or all damages that might arise while their usage of the Discord Server.  

Users acknowledge that the Server might contain content that might be inaccurate, offensive, indecent, objectionable, copyrighted by someone, work of crime or any such activity, and Project Encephalon does not liable for the damages that may arise from the exposure of such content.

Users are not allowed to modify, share, publish, modify, perform or display any of the content posted in the Server by any User without the written permission of the User who posted such content.

Project Encephalon holds the rights to terminate the license any time without cause and notice. Upon direction users shall destroy all forms of downloaded material and remove and delete all hyperlinks created and shared.



Project Encephalon, in no event and under no legal or equitable theory, shall be held liable for any damages whatsoever either direct or indirect that might arise with use or inability to use of the Server even if possibility of such damages is notified to Project Encephalon or any authorized representative of Project Encephalon, either verbally or written. As some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, all or a part of the above limitations may not apply to said users.


Revisions of the Discord

Project Encephalon reserves the right to make changes in the Server, discontinue any part of the Server or the entire Server or change the Server, or add new services to the Server without any cause or notice, but does not take warranty that it will be updated, neither commits to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content. The Server might contain errors, and does not warrant that they will be accounted or acknowledged.


Code of Conduct and Constitution

Both Code of Conduct and Constitution are not legal documents and Project Encephalon under no legal or equitable theory is bound to follow it, update it or enforce it. Project Encephalon has code of conduct and constitution as a gesture of goodwill and does not warrant its enforcement, and neither commit to support or take actions even if their violation is notified to Project Encephalon or its authorized representative, either verbally or written, however Project Encephalon reserves the right to enforce any part of the said documents either in part or in totality. Project Encephalon is not liable to address to the damages that may be arise either in the course of its enforcement or inability to enforce. Project Encephalon reserves the right to remove or modify both code of conduct and constitution, without any cause and prior notice, and is not bound to notify the users in any form.

External links

Project Encephalon is not responsible for the content of third party links mentioned on the Server, and the services they provide and their presence does not indicate any endorsement. Users will access those links solely at their own risk.



Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless Project Encephalon and its authorized representative against disputes with third parties  arising as a result of Users' violation of this agreement.  



Any dispute that may arise from, in any manner relating to or connected to Project Encephalon Server shall be resolved according to the laws of the Government of India. Any such dispute shall be litigated only in the High Court of Nainital, India.



Project Encephalon reserves the right to change these terms of conditions without any cause or prior notice effective immediate and notifications for which shall be made visible on the Announcement of Channel of the Server. Users’ continuation of using the Server or being part of the community after the notification shall conclusively means that users’ agree to abide by the modified set of terms and conditions. 

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