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• Hello Everyone!!

I'm Charan P a young dynamic research enthusiast looking for a position to enhance my knowledge, talents, and skills in an industry that provides a competitive atmosphere for carrying forward learned information and gaining exposure to emerging innovations while being adaptive, inventive, and resourceful.

• Founder and CEO of Bioclinica Biosciences.

• President at International Youth Neuroscience Association.

• Global Talent Partner at AIESEC.

• Subject Matter Expert & Education Mentor at Brainly.

• Global outreach student at American Society for Microbiology.

• Student at Amrita School of Biotechnology, with a BS focused on Biotechnology & life sciences.

• Currently appointed as executive member for Science wing (Creatome)

• My areas of Interest: Cancer research, Stem cells, and Regenerative medicine, Human genetics, Virology, Cell signaling, Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Neurophysiology, and Immunology.

• Excited to learn new things and explore uncharted territory.

Charan P

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