Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of this Organization?

To provide an academic and mentally stimulating platform, for those, who see themselves working in the field of neuroscience, in the near future. Read more in the about us section.

What work do you do?

We conduct neuroscience discussions on our Discord channel along with fortnightly Journal Clubs, Paper Club for informal discussion, Sapiens in Neuroscience blog series, NeuroPiction series, and an international conference NeuroNovember Convention in 2020. We are very keen to welcome suggestions from our members about academic research-oriented events.

I am not a student. Can I join?

Anyone whose heart kindles with the passion to learn neuroscience is encouraged to join. We also welcome experienced professionals to join us as ‘Collaborators’ and guide us as future neuroscientists. You can access the link to join us from the ‘Contact’ tab.

Who are Collaborators?

Senior academicians, faculty, post-docs, or scientists who are willing to mentor students can become collaborators of the Organization. It is not mandatory for them to join every meeting, or attend the discussions on Discord. However, they may be requested to attend a particular meeting, that concerns their research interests, to guide the students.

I am from an experimental neuroscience background. Can I participate?

Since this Organization caters mainly to students, we do not lay emphasis on any particular aspect of neuroscience. People from almost all subfields of neuroscience are already part of the group, and we are always looking forward to broadening our horizons.

Is it mandatory to be a part of the Discord channel?

Yes, It is a necessity. Unfortunately, at the present moment, we do not provide any other platform to have discussions on. However, you can still participate in the Journal Club and Paper Club. Please contact send your query to for further details.

Is there any fee to join this Organization?

There is no fee, either to join or to participate. We are a non-profit, academic Organization and do not have any commercial motives. We intend to keep this Organization free for everybody for as long as possible.



How can I become a member of the Organization management team?

You may apply for positions whenever the “calls for positions” open up. The advertisement for the same will be published on this website and on all social media accounts of the Organization. However, if you feel, you have a great idea to modify some aspect of the Organization, or to introduce a new section, you can always contact any Board member, and there is a possibility that you would be invited to join the management team.



I feel lost in the Organization. What should I do?

You are always welcome to contact any member of the management team for details regarding the functioning of the Organization, or the use of the Discord channel. It is our assurance that you will be offered all necessary assistance.



How can I leave the Organization?

We value your feedback immensely and hence, would love to know how we could serve you better. However, if you feel that the Organization no longer benefits you, please fill this form.

I do not feel comfortable in the Organization/ Somebody is causing problems to me. What should I do?

You can lodge your complaint to the Code of Conduct Committee. We take violations of the code of conduct very seriously. The member who is found in violation may be banned permanently from the group. You can report violations of the code of conduct by filling this reporting form.