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International Office

Saidharshini is a great asset to the International Office at PE with her excellent leadership skills and independent style of work. She has been one of the first team members of the International Office and does all her work with 100% ownership and dedication. Her professionalism and work ethic have been instrumental in setting up the department from scratch as she takes care of the recruitment of new members and looks out for new opportunities to establish PE's international relations. It is a pleasure to have her in the team. Sai is currently a medical student based out of Chennai, India.

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Vishwa is one of the greatest support and innovator of the Marketing department. She is smart, disciplined and witty! Her can-do attitude towards various projects in the Marketing Department have led us to ideate and launch some incredible campaigns. She is an absolute pleasure to work alongside owing to her friendliness and open-mindedness. Her leadership skills are excellent and key to many ideas we take on in the Marketing Department! Vishwa has recently completed her Bachelor's in Science with a Zoology major from Mumbai University.

Note from editor's desk

Welcome to the second volume of Neuroletter! As Project Encephalon celebrates one year since its inception, it gives me immense pride to present our new revamped Neuroletter.

In the past few months, we have worked towards designing a more user-friendly webpage to make neuroscience content further accessible. This is an important milestone as we step out of familiar zones and try our hands in diverse domains. In the new issue, interesting nuances from the evolution of neuroscience are discussed through an integration of science and art, using well-researched articles to comics and poetry. With this attempt, we bridge the gap from jargonized scientific content to interactive information for a wider audience. In essence, treading towards an interdisciplinary approach to learning neuroscience!


Designer of the edition


Susan Ajith.

Aishwarya Deshpande


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A magazine for neuroscience and Project Encephalon enthusiasts

Started on the first anniversary of Project Encephalon on 24 June 2021, Neuroletter is published quarterly. Refer to the team page for the complete editorial board.

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Volume 1, Issue 5


Front cover, index, and back cover

Editorial team


A note from the editor

Madhuri Srinivasan


Diversity in neuroscience

Maalavika Govindarajan


The Mind Gala

Anushree Krishnamurthy


Neuronotes abstract: Changing the brain’s real estate

Aarushi Chitkara


Neuronotes abstract: The Neuroscience of Domestication

Bharathi Venkatachalam


Neuronotes abstract: Neuroscience and Technology- Optogenetics

Shreya Rao    



Rohan Nath


This quarter in neuroscience

Sumedha Sengupta


Translational Neuroscience

Harsh Srivastava


Sapiens in Neuroscience: Retrospective publication

Karina Bistrong & Gregory Youdan


Neuro crossword

Susan Ajith


Book Recommendation

Satwik Pasani and Madhuri Srinivasan


Volunteers of the Edition

Pranjal Garg



Harsh Srivastava

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